Shared Email Templates webinars

Quick and easy way to get started

On this page, you will find the full list of Shared Email Templates educational webinars. We recommend that you watch the webinars in chronological order, as they are designed to present the product from simple to complex.

Create templates and shortcuts: Watch video.

Create and use templates and shortcuts

During the webinar, we learn how to create and use simple email templates and email building blocks, template shortcuts. See more →

Run time: 08:41

Customize your templates: Watch video.

Customize and personalize your templates

The webinar shows how to use macros and create profile properties to customize and personalize your templates. See more →

Run time: 09:08

Sharing Outlook email templates: Watch video.

Sharing Outlook email templates

In the third webinar, we learn the basic feature of the product: How to share your email templates with friends and colleagues. See more →

Run time: 08:18

Using datasets in Outlook email templates: Watch video.

Using datasets in Outlook email templates

On this webinar, we show how to benefit from datasets in Shared Email Templates: create and use a simple dataset and bind an Excel table. See more →

Run time: 10:45

Using mail merge: Watch video.

Using mail merge in Outlook

On this webinar, we show how to use the mail merge feature of the Shared Email Templates add-in for Outlook. See more →

Run time: 13:25